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Questions and Answers

Do you have a Subscription option?

We'd love for you to sign up for our reoccurring boxes. You'll receive a new box every other month and 10% off our themed collection of gifts. If you need just a little more in between! The discount is valid even if you are sending to a friend or keeping yourself!

What if I don’t like what I get in my box?

We hate to hear you didn't like all the products in your box! Unfortunately, we cannot take back used products but we'd love to make it right and hear what you didn't like! We value your happiness and love hearing feedback from our customers. Please contact us at to tell us how we can improve.

Do any boxes include alcohol?

Currently, we have no plans to offer beer, wine, and liquor. Our aim is to provide high-quality mocktails and sipping beverages. We realize this may be disappointing to some but we choose our products so that you can really feel good. Many products can be enjoyed by adding your own spirits - we include a recipe card so you can make all our products either cocktail or mocktail!

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