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Sommelier with a spa habit & HR manager with a facial product obsession.

Sipdle founded in 2020 as a way to provide a bright spot in an otherwise... well, we know what kind of year. Here's our story of us and why we think the world needs another giftbox. 

Friends, and now business partners -- Sarah Anne and Laura frequented the Atlanta area hotel spa circuit. Our tradition is to visit the spa together about quarterly... okay, monthly if things got stressful. Our routine: arrive in our most obvious "we're just here for the spa" clothes, workout in their fancy gyms (Hello, Peloton obsession), enjoy our treatments, grab a fizzy drink, and spend hours upon hours in the women's washroom. Yes, the bathroom. Psst... it's where they keep all the fancy soap, free products, and Himalayan salt everything! Plus, tranquil soft music? An entire environment with a nice drink in hand, facial products to try, great friends...and that one lady who we're pretty sure lives there. 

So, how do we get to have THAT experience when the world is a pandemic?

Using our background and skills to curate similar experiences, Sipdle was founded and the first boxes were delivered -- Peloton not included.

Since its inception, we've expanded from just spa day experiences to themed and seasonal. We focus on releases in the same pattern we would have had a spa day. We welcome you to take part in our tradition.

Join us, won't you?

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