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Enjoy yourself? In a pandemic... here's how.

At the time of writing this, we're months into a global pandemic. So we're all asking ourselves, how do we enjoy yourselves when the world is well.... weird. just weird. It's okay to think it too. Loved ones are getting sick, friends have lost their jobs, the world is in a historical event that will forever change the makeup of our lives.

We here at Sipdle have some feelings. We've sourced some feel good tips to help you get through it. We're no experts, but our mission is to feel good and do good.

Give yourself time to mourn. Mourn lost ones. Mourn lost events. Mourn missed coffee dates. Mourn missed travel. Have we said mourn too many times?? Wow, we miss interacting with people... like a lot. These shared experiences that we are all tied to now come in the form of the awkward wave when you are trying to end the video call or hoping that they knew you were smiling under that mask. We've talked to everyone and it's okay to just feel sad right now.

Realize we are in this together, we hurt together, we feel together. Know you are not alone. You may be living alone or recently broken up or your spouse goes to a job and you got lucky with a remote opportunity but you feel lonely in the home. Whatever your situation know this -- we are all in this together. We know cheesy and time to cue the High School Musical soundtrack. But seriously, you are not alone. We bet as lonely as you might be feeling the rest of us are too. Our advice, call a friend out of the blue. Drop by cookies to a friend's doorstep. share a little love. Send them a Sipdle box with our handwritten notes. But we don't want you to just use us, we're fine if you don't. We just want you to connect.

Try something new. The world may look a little different than it did before and we're not just talking about the lack of haircuts. The world behaves a little different. People and companies have learned to adapt, nay-- "pivot", (the most used word of the 2020 business world). But with these trying times, one thing reigns true: The world has changed and so must you. Learn something new. Pick a new hobby. Get inspired. Build the thing YOU want. That's what we did. We missed comfort, experiences, and spa days. What do you miss the most of pre-COVID? Try to find it again. Somethings will never be the same but hey, we can try, can't we? They don't call them "trying" times for nothing?

Take a personal day and experience something. Play hooky, go ahead.. and set that out of office, and even reference this blog. (seriously, it helps us!). But take the day. Leave your house if even for just a safe walk around the block, go to a nearby park. Heck, just drive around -- remember going places? One day we will again! Show up at friends house and social distance in the backyard. Make that really involved lasagna you love but takes all day. Pick up that old favorite book. Watch The Office for the 29th time. But whatever you do and we cannot stress enough, smile. It doesn't matter at who or what but find a moment in the day and just smile. It'll feel goofy but then it wont.

So what do we know about this? Yeah, most of the summer all we did was finish Gossip Girl finally and move from the spare office to the couch and back. And then we felt just bad. Real bad. and sad and bored, and hungry, then bloated then .... well, we'll spare you a lot of bloat.. but once we realize our feelings we okay to feel, we suddenly felt inspired. Now we have a company, a purpose.

We just want to make people happy. We want to make people feel good and do good in these "trying" times. So whatever you do, it's okay to be sad now and again, but know this... we will come out of this only together.

XOXO Sipdle.